Today I watched this interview[1] from Patrick Smith[2]. It was very good, especially when he talks about his ideas process and how he approaches projects in small steps. I will leave three of his shorts down here:

Masks (2010)

PITTARI (2017)

Handshake (2004)


Today I also realized that I won't be able to send my application this year to The Animation Workshop[3], which was in my plans. It makes me a little sad, but who said I was going in first? That means I'll have more time to study, get better and maybe create something to send to a festival.

For now I am going to read the book The Fundamentals of Animation[4] thoroughly, so far it speaks very well about the whole mindset and process without being protocolized.

~* gotta get shit done *~

[1] Animation Auteur S2E9 - Patrick Smith on being an independent animator, creativity tips, and more! By Dan Ekis. 52'
[2] Patrick Smith's official website.
[3] The Animation Workshop.
[4] The Fundamentals of Animation. Written by Paul Wells and Samantha Moore.

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